Funky Threads

I’m a fan of the Down to Earth blog which is full of warmth, common sense and information about how to live in a more sustainable way.

This is something that really interests us. So when I was going through some clothes and sorting out old socks and track pants that really needed to be thrown out I decided to see if I could recycle them into something useful. The fabrics restricted the options but some funky cloths for wiping down benches etc emerged from the scraps.

Here are the first results:

Recycled Textile 1 by Carmen Zanetti

I drew the design onto the black track pants fabric using a Clover White Marking Pen. This worked well after I realised that you need to wait a few seconds for the fluid to dry and be visible. The design came from this awesome book….

Animal Kingdom book

The socks were a bit more of a challenge but these two pieces emerged from a pair with huge holes around the heel area…

a rather ragged cat from the heels and soles..

Recycled Textile 3 by Carmen Zanetti

and a kantha romp from the top of the socks…

Recycled Textile 2 by Carmen Zanetti

The threads came from this mug full of odds and ends left over from various projects…..

Group of Seven Mug

And it all led to a conversation around the family table about whether it’s worth all the stitching time to create this recycling. The answer for me is ‘yes’ and this is why….

  • there’s so much repetitive, mindless housework that has to be done everyday that it’s great to be able to use something that gives you pleasure when you’re doing it and the stitching on these cloths does that for me.
  • fine, complex embroidery takes a lot of planning, time and concentration to make it happen. You have to set aside some large chunks of time and that’s not always possible. But there are lunch hours or in the evening where you can pick up one of these cloths and just do simple, fun stitching. Playing with colour is just the best! This is my equivalent of the basket of knitting or crochet by the chair…
  • I’m so lucky to have inherited two trunks full of embroidery from three generations of women in my family. It’s exquisite work but so beautiful and fragile that it really can’t be used and so it sits in the trunks. It’s treasured and loved but rarely seen or handled. So I enjoy having these very simple embroidered cloths that can be used every day without having to worry about what happens to them.

Hope you’re having a lovely day…….